Direct Choice Warranty - All contacts disconnected couldn't get my warranty claims for car repair

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I purchased a car warranty for my ML 350 in 2008 from direct choice vehicle product warranty.I required the car to be fixed and contacted the warranty customer services for an approval before fixing my car.

All the contact numbers given to me are disconnected. I tried their website without success. My mechanic called them without success. I have my documents and have been trying to get a contact person to speak to without success.

I hope I have not been ripped off of $2,000 that I paid for this warranty.PLEASE HELP ME TO TRACK THEM DOWN!!

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Direct Choice Warranty - Direct choice vehicle protection=BAD CHOICE

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In September of 2008 I purchased an extended 5 year warranty on my 2005 Toyota Tundra truck. The cost was $2100 and appeared to be worth it based on all the different repairs that were covered.

I went almost a year before I had a problem with my Tundra. In September 2009 I took my truck to the local dealership and they diagnosed u-joint problems.

I followed the procedures in my warranty handbook and had the dealership file a claim for service. 24 hours later the claim came back as denied. Their reason was in the wording the dealership used in describing the u-joints as worn, not broken.

The dealership went ahead and made the repair and during the process they found the u-joints to be actually broken in pieces. After making the repair they refiled a claim with Direct Choice using the new information on broken not worn u-joints. This time the claim was denied because the work had already been done prior to approval.

I demanded a refund which they agreed to but only after a marketing fee of $250 and a prorated charge of $500 for the 11 months the "policy" was in effect. I have yet to receive any such refund.

In my opinion this warranty company Direct Choice, will do anything possible not to pay for a claim. They exist only to take money from new customers and when those customers are enraged into demanding a refund they charge a proration for the time the policy was in effect.

In effect this company borrowed $2500 from me interest free for 1 year and will only pay back $1750.

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Direct Choice Warranty - Direct Choice (Car) Warranty Company - Beware!

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Very important call came in on about extending the warranty on my car. (Caller ID: Private.) Having received a few of these calls, I took the bait to see what I could find out.

Anthony picked up the computerized/automated hand-off. I jumped right in expressing concern about my car being out of warranty and wanted to know what I could do about it. He said he could help me. I told him that I missed who he was working for and (again) asked what I should do.

He said he works for Direct Choice Warranty, then asked make/model/milage of my car. I told him I had a 1997 Mazda MPV, 130K miles, that had been out of warranty for the past 8-years. Why should I get a warranty now - after all this time? His response was that cars break down all the time and I certainly wouldn't want to be stranded out somewhere.

I said: Ohhh, your right. But my car has been running quite well since I got it. If it breaks down, it probably won't be worth fixing. He said: Well, I can keep that from happening. I can extend the original warranty for 5-years for $2,065 with 1-year of free financing if needed. (Hmmm, I forgot to ask if that 5-years extends the original factory warranty effectively expiring 3 or so years ago, or if it starts when I pay.)

Regardless - the vehicle Kelly Blue Books for ~$4K, so I guess paying for his warranty program makes sense!


I asked for his call back number (he gave it to me after some hesitation), then I asked where he was located so I could call back during working hours (time zone thing). He got half way through saying: Nevada, but then said California. I pressed further: Northern or Southern California. He said Southern.

Buyer beware!

Instead of just hanging up on them, consider taking THEM for a ride.



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I hope they will accept my claim.I called a number and they started to explain, then hung up.

When called back, got a mortuary.Has anyone sued them and gotten their money back?


They called me and told me my car was out of warranty, and when they asked the year, make and model, I told them "1982 Chevy S-10. THEY HUNG UP ON ME!!!


They called me and told me my car was out of warranty, and when they asked the year, make and model, I told them "1982 Chevy S-10. THEY HUNG UP ON ME!!!

Eakly, Oklahoma, United States #20031

Thanks!They called me today.

They told me my car is out of warranty.

I said which one.They didnt know then started to ask me to name them.

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